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No Harley Edition for 2014 F-150

Monday, July 1st 2013. | 2013 Ford F-150, 2014 Ford F-150, News

Ford has scrapped the Harley Davidson edition from its F-150 Line-up, the model was last updated for the 2011 model year. Ford stated that the Limited and Platinum edition F-150′s offer consumers enough choice at the high-end of F-150 pickups, that the Harley Davidson edition is no longer needed, for the time being this ends Fords partnership with the motorcycle brand.

2013 F-150 Crew Cab Harley Davidson

I tend to agree with Ford’s approach here, while I do really like the Harley Davidson edition, the market for it is small and there is no compelling reason for it to exist alongside the Limited and Platinum. Ford said the special edition has always been a low volume truck, the Harley edition accounted for less than 2% of F-150 sales. I could see it coming back a number of years for now, but at this point it has served its purpose, there are a good number of the current generation out there and its time to move on.

Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Interior

For those of you interested in getting a Harley edition still, you can find them used starting at the 1999 model year up to the 2013 model year. If you are in the market for a used (luxury) truck, it is actually a good one to look for as you are guaranteed most luxury features/options for that particular model year (the same is true for Lariat, King Ranch, Limited and Platinum models).


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